Spriter Pro 1.0 is almost here!

Hi Everyone,

This is Mike from BrashMonkey. On Tuesday, November 11th at 11:59 EST we’ll be officially releasing Spriter Pro version 1.0 and that date will also mark the end of Spriter Pro’s Early Adopter sale.

For those who might not yet know what Spriter is all about, here’s a quick video explaining the basics of what it has to offer for 2d animators and game creators: youtube.com/watch?v=GLnkiZAA_jg

You can always download and use the free version of Spriter from our website at: brashmonkey.com/

Mind you this is not just a “limited time” or severely crippled “trial version” of Spriter. The free version of Spriter is feature-rich and offers great benefits to animators and game creators. Of course we hope that those who find Spriter to be a useful tool will find it worthwhile to upgrade to Spriter Pro in order to benefit from the enhanced features and to help support its continued development.

You can find out more about Spriter Pro 1.0’s official release date, the end of the Early Adopter Sale, and the latest updates to Spriter on our recent Kickstarter Update here: kickstarter.com/projects/53 … ts/1032622

Thanks very much for your time,
Mike at BrashMonkey

Spriter is awesome. Too bad there is no plugin for it for gdevelop (yet).

Hope someone writes one.

As a Construct 2 user, I’m really interested in Gdevelop, there are other interesting possibilities here ! But, I’m using Spriter, so I hope there will be a Gdevelop plugin so we don’t need to use a per-whole-image animation.

well gdevelop uses pixi.js.
If spriter had a ready pixi.js implementation , would that make the development of a gdevelop spriter game object easier?

For HTML5 platform, yes. But you forget that GD has native, SFML-based platform as well.

it would be nice if somebody makes a spriter object for gdevelop or godot. Does spriter support any of the open source game engines out there? :frowning: