Sprites Animations Not Working as Expected

I am having a trouble with sprites. When I load more then one animation onto a sprite it turns the second sprite into the first one and does that so forth for the other animations I put on that sprite. I use the itch.io download.

Can you post screenshots of your events and sprite editor?

I don’t have any events yet. I just loaded up some sprites and they all turned into the second one. I don’t mean all the animations in game turned into that one I mean the animations literally turned into the other animations on the sprite panel, if that’s what you mean. I will get a screenshot in a few minutes.


I didn’t mean anything other than to request animation-related screenshots so we can see what’s going on. Thank you for posting the sprites and video, that will help us help you.

As for your issue, that’s strange. Some of the images in the first look very similar to the second one though, like perhaps you accidentally mixed them up when loading the images in. I’m not saying that you did for sure, just not ruling it out yet.

Have you double checked that all of the frames have different names?

Yep, they all had same names, but they were different files, I don’t know if that was why that happened.

Images are copied to the main folder on import normally, if they all had the same name you basically overwrote the image file upon importing each new frame

Oh, so I have to name them all different names?

Yes, most likely. You’d need to test to be sure, but I’m near positive they have to have unique filenames.

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Indeed, they have to be like idle1.png, idle2.png, idle3.png, etc. for every animation.

Thank you I will fix it now