Sprites fail to load/disappear

I have my game and sprites saved on the cloud. When I leave the editor, often the sprites stop loading in the preview like they disappear from their location. However, they are loaded in the resources tab and everywhere else in the editor. How do I prevent this? If I publish my game am I going to have to worry about my sprites disappearing or are they packed inside the game? Could this be because I started off with the object gravity example, which is completely rewritten now?

Here’s the sprite loaded in the resource tab. In the preview they look like little pink squares. It won’t let me upload another screenshot.

Edit: this happens on desktop and the app. When I reload them from my desktop they work for awhile.

Here’s the preview with pink squares.

This is most likely an internet issue (failing to download the assets on preview), I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case where it wasn’t.

Also you are on GDevelop and with the Messenger floating window at the same time, which can contribute to it.

I hate to disagree but that can’t be it. To fix it all I have to do is go to my desktop and reload the sprites from the hard drive. That’s worked three times.

Edit: After that it works on the app, the web, and the desktop. Before that, it works on none.