Sprites from a different project are temporarily replacing sprites from an old project

i was in the process of designing a test prototype for a big project that im working on so i made a new game in a new folder and gave it its own separate sprites. however when i went back to the main project, a few of my main projects sprites got replaced by the sprites from the test prototype for some reason on the work screen, fortunately they’re still the proper sprites when i preview the game and the sprites turn back to normal when i open and close the sprites property menus, but im concerned and confused as to why the sprites from a completely different project are showing up in my main game.

GDevelop doesn’t support multiple instances of GDevelop opened at the same time. Maybe that’s your problem.
It works fine most of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t.

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I believe Gdevelop caches the images as well, so if the name happened to be identical to the ones in the previous project, they may have been replaced with the cached image which was cleared by exiting out. I believe the cached images are a realtive (not sure if that is the right term?) path, so that is why they would “take over” even if the project is loading from a different folder. I noticed this when I changed an image while Gdevelop was still running, it only updated after exiting and relaunching the program. Otherwise, it was not reloading the image to the new one.

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oh that makes sense. i kinda had a feeling cuz most of the default “newsprite” sprites were being effected. thanks for clearing that up! :ok_hand: