Sprites on the stage become blurred!

I don’t know why, but when I open events and then return to the stage, all the sprites become blurry. It’s really bothering me. I noticed this bug earlier, but I thought it would be fixed in time. Maybe it was just me? Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve reinstalled GDevelop, but it didn’t help. See the photo below!

It should look like a sprite (it looks like that at first):

What the sprite looks like when I return to the scene:

What am I supposed to do about it? If anything, antialiasing is disabled!

On right in project manager you have resources go there find your axe image on the right and check does it have smooth checked

As I say, anti-aliasing is disabled. The thing is that initially everything is fine, but when I go into the events and then back to the stage, it becomes blurry. And initially everything is fine

Update: although I showed this only on the axe, the fact is that absolutely all the sprites on the stage become blurry