Spritesheet cutter as a separate app?

Could someone put GD’s spritesheet cutter into a separate app? I need a way to quickly cut sprites out of big spritesheet and I don’t want to open GD just to use its spritesheet cutter.

GIMP’s Slice tool works for me most of the time…

I also sometimes use Tiled Map Editor to get one at a time if I’m not doing too many or just don’t want batch auto-naming.

There’s also Sprite Decomposer. I haven’t used it before, but it’s on my “to check out” list.

I guess it depends on what you are working with and your current needs.

GIMP takes like 2-3 minutes to start on my computer. Not much when I need some more advanced functions like retouching photos, but too much when all I need is some simple operation.

Tiled is an overkill as well, would prefer not using it.

As for sprite decomposer, it’s… not exactly what I want. What I want, what I need is a tool that will cut image into smaller ones. Sprite decomposer just loads an spritesheet, allows to create animations, then saves position of each animation cell to an xml leaving image uncut. There’s also something called SpriteVortex, but it cuts based on alpha, it doesn’t have grid-based cutting.

Believe me, if there was program I could use that would do what I need, this thread wouldn’t exist as I don’t want to give 4ian and Victor more work than they do, a work that wouldn’t necessarily benefit GDevelop.

I didn’t know that about Sprite Decomposer. I guess I misread something or wasn’t paying enough attention when I was looking at it.

I know what you mean about GIMP and Tiled, they’re just the best solutions I’ve been able to find so far.

It seems to be something that’s needed by a lot of people, but doesn’t have a really good solution, or at least not one I’ve found.