Spurdo Sparde [GAME]

This is my first game :-] Sorry for my english, but anyway I’ll be very glad if you enjoy my game! Thanks!

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URL: play.google.com/store/apps/d…pps.spurdojump

Jump forward - Move ahead, drink ES, and run away from dangerous fat American Bear!

Left touch for the short jump, right touch for the long jump! Don’t delay and don’t make mistakes!

Game Features:

• Collect all cans with ES
• Unlock and change your character. More than nine different types!
• Coolest soundtrack!
• First game with the Spurdö Spärde
• No in-app purchases!
• Gondola
• Finn MEMES :—DD

My twitter! plz subscribe! twitter.com/AppsRen

Congrats for finishing your first game. I know how hard it is to hang on and finish a game.
Unfortunately your playstore link doesn’t work.