Squaremoji Demo - Download on Itch.io

Hey guys, i’ve finally manage to release the first demo of my game.

Squaremoji is a physics-based puzzle-platformer packed with crazy action, colourful graphics and lots of challenging levels.

You will use your mouse to strategically launch your Squaremoji and catch tasty candies, but it’s not as easy as it sounds: in each level you will have a limited number of moves and many obstacles in your way :slight_smile:

Download the demo here: Squaremoji Demo by Wishforge (itch.io) and let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Some screenshots from the game:


Hey @andriymtv, there appears to be a bug when using the mouse. The tongue/elastic draws to the top left of the screen when using the mouse.

With touch it’s fine, though when the touch is first made it also draws to the top left, then it corrects itself and draws to the touch location. But with the mouse it’s not - it just draws to 0,0 as in the image below :

To clarify, I’m using a laptop with a touch screen.

It looks great, the idea of ​​the game, the graphics, the sounds. Congratulations for your work!!! Will you add more scenes with different backgrounds?