SSL not enabled error

Hi why does in the new gdevelop update when accesing a not ssl certified page give an error i am using for my leaderborad in the past i just put https instead of http in the request and it worked now it gives an error pls fix.
i have bad english

From what I understood of it, Android doesn’t accept http requests, so GDevelop has to comply with that to ensure compatibility with all platforms.

http requests should work most of the time. There are two cases in which it can fail:

  1. If the game is hosted on a website under https
  2. The game is running on a recent android version

Did you paid to activate https service? Http is free but not https.

According to to set/get request must start with http and not https is because they don’t have any SSL certificate installed on his website, so it’s is going to be difficult to make https requests.

Secured connections can not be done if the main website doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate installed, as I said in the all the requests starts with http

Adding and deleting scores
Changes and updates to your leaderboard are made through simple http get requests using your private url.
A player named Carmine got a score of 100. If the same name is added twice, we use the higher score.
Your Leaderboard(your super secret very long code)/add/Carmine/100 advise:
WebGL builds hosted at and other services as well as some versions of Android may need SSL to work!

Want to use https (SSL) ? Donate $5 or more and let me know.
Want to store more than 100 scores ? Contact me.
(If you have a limit of 100 scores and another score comes in, the lowest will get bumped out.)

I don’t want to offend anyone but $ 5 seems absurd to me knowing that an SSL certificate costs $ 7 a year. But hey, everyone looks after their business, right?

You are right but I prefer spend 5 dollars one time in my life than write a new service. I’m trying to use firebase but the query function is not implemented in gd so now isn’t the right choice for me.