(Stacker Game) - Stack It : The Skyscrapper

Inspired by the infamous stacker block game.

Stack It - The Skyscrapper mechanics slightly adjusted by the objective to build a tower by CATCHING, DRAGGING and DROPPING blocks one by one!

Aim accurately and stack the blocks on top of each other to build the tallest skyscraper!


  • Customizable blocks in game
  • Campaign Mode - over 18 levels to beat!
  • Endless Mode - your endgame content!
  • Online leaderboards for endless mode, compare your blocks no to others worldwide!
  • Simple controls – simply catch, drag and drop the blocks

Hey, I gave your game a try! I enjoyed it and it made me think about some things for my projects. I am at a conference at the moment so I didn’t play it with sounds so I have no valid opinion there.

On my travel mouse it was very tough to catch the blocks and putting them down was really tough too but that was due to my setup not your game. I do have to say if this can be played on mobile I bet it is a far better experience.

Your UI seemed to work just fine and was very easy to read.

I personally didn’t make it too far into the game as the mouse was really impacting my fun, but that’s not a strike against your game.

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