Starting Dialogue Branch Gives Crash Error [SOLVED]

Hello this may not be the right place to put this but I’ve tried putting in the discord and asking Kust AI with no avail so hears the problem

everytime I start dialogue from a branch its give me the error below I’ve also tried code from this Game Example i’ve been stumped can someone please help

Do the examples work for you?

If the examples work, but your projects don’t, either:

  1. You have invalid characters or formatting in your Yarn dialogue file (nodes don’t accept spaces in their names, for example)
  2. You have invalid events of some kind (incorrect or invalid characters in the event parameters, etc)

If the examples DON’T work for you, something about your install is broken, as I just tested all 3 of the yarn/dialogue examples in the engine and they work without crashes.

The example works for me and i don’t believe i have any invalid formatting in my yarn file but here’s a screenshot of it

No special characters allowed in node names. You need to remove the ? and ! from your node names.