Starting to feel bullied... :(

Been getting so many of these… the heck is wrong with people…

There should be way harsher consequences for crap like this…

Cant you IP Ban these people from :frowning:

Woah, this is what the feedback page looks like (sorry but my games haven’t received feedback, or maybe they have but I delete my games before checking… never mind :P)
It is worth noting that 2 is the default rating.
Your game is better than this, look on the bright side, your average rating is 8 (may have been higher if it weren’t for the default ratings)
I don’t know if you can report it because it seems legit, anyway ignore it.
PS: Open topic exists, use it because this may not be of use to the GDevelop team unless you are creating a feature request.

Thanks man… just changed the section, i always default to General… guess its old MMORPG bones talking haha :smiley:

…and yeah, it sucks, my average has been going down the drain thanks to these people, and as far i as notice, even if you report them, the average dosent go back up.

It sucks… i dont want to talk bad about the feedback system because i do get some really good, sweet and encouraging messages on there, some even outright hilarious, like some guy saying his only complain about the game was that it extended his toilet time lmao :smiley:

…but sadly there dosent seem to be a big enough punishment for the people who abuse the system and try to ruin other peoples hard work… i mean, whats the point of doing crap like this if not to hurt someone? :frowning:

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Thanks for reporting this. I understand your concerns, but fear not:

  • The average numbers shown on the top are just here for your information, but are not used for any kind of leaderboard or promotion of games right now. If we do this one day, we’ll make sure to exclude any spammy feedback, feedback rated as “harmful” or feedbacks from non authenticated users.
  • I encourage you to continue to mark these as “harmful” so we can better see the amount of problematic feedback (or decide to cut them for non authenticated users, or just train better algorithms for filtering spam).
  • We actually show in the community tab, in GDevelop, the leaderboard of the games with the most “rated feedbacks”. Even a feedback you rate as “harmful” or “bad” will be used to bump your game in this leaderboard - which means that you’re always winning when you rate a feedback (whatever your rating).

So this kind of spam is still a pain (we’ll figure out how to reduce this - sadly some people just like to spam for no reason), but you can safely ignore it for now! Apart from being disturbing, it won’t impact your game presentation or presence on or anywhere else.


Your average user feedback score doesn’t look that bad.

Maybe not everyone has a bad intention with giving a bad score.
It could be that some of these 4 x 2 points are just made by accident as they tried to cancel to give feedback?
In the end the button “earn GD Coins” could make one curious to click on it, if one doesn’t know what this is.

If I search your “game’s name +” on google:
There is (like for other games I’ve tested) a five star rating to see.

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@4ian You angel! Thank you so much for the proper explanation on how the feedback system works!

…i feel so relieved knowing abusive people like that dont have any sort of impact on my game :smiley:

Thanks again! My work feels really safe now :slight_smile: You just made my day!

…i just miss understood how the whole thing worked… im so glad to be wrong :slight_smile:

…in fact… thats kinda awesome how that works… if you think about it… if people want to be petty and try to bring your game down, they are actually helping it go up, making it always a loosing situation for them. That might have been unintentional, but its kinda genius, it sorta takes away the incentive to be bad.

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