startup & program close bug

I notice when I start Game Develop up, it takes a long time to load, & when it closes it still appears running in the task manager field. I am wondering if these are bugs within the program itself, as I am reporting these for improvements.

On my computer, the program terminates correctly (and is taking 5/7 seconds to load). Maybe you could try to update your graphics drivers? Lots of time, outdated drivers are responsible for such issues.

I am running on Windows 8 (64 bit)with 12.0 GB RAM & an eight-core processor at 3.30 GHz. All my graphics drivers are up to date. I am antivirus, malware, spyware, etc. FREE & have up-to-date protection.

Windows 8’s your problem. GD caused trouble with W8 in the past.

Isn’t there a way to fix that problem? I think it could be a bug honestly.

If you can find a way fix it, yes.
But, a lot of users don’t have this bug : so that’s really hard to fix a bug we are not able to reproduce.

It’s indeed in fact hard for us to fix a bug that we can even see: GD is starting properly (and even in less than 3 seconds on Ubuntu) and end also properly at ours computers.
(Also be careful when you say that a problem is related to win8 : win8 kernel and codebase is quite close to win7. Most of the time, problems that come up when using a new os are related to bugged drivers :slight_smile: )

I updated my drivers.

GD does start up fine but it takes about 15-25 seconds to start up(I have full antivirus, malware, spyware protection & have an active firewall as well, no infections). Again, I am running off of Windows 8 (64 bit), 12.0 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 7 graphics card with 1.5 TB hard-drive(I have an ASUS Gaming Computer, in case you were wondering). However, the program still appears running when I look at my Task Manager after I have closed out of the program.

Wait, I think the bug comes from the ATI GPU (seem pretty old GPU as it’s still an ATI and not an AMD GPU) which is known for his bugged drivers with OpenGL.

We should try to give you another compiled version of Game Develop with the lasted SFML version (2.1) instead of the current one (which is between 2.0 and 2.1 if I remember correctly ?).

SFML version is dated from one or two months ago I believe, at least it is a post 2.1 version cloned from Github.