Stay safe and healthy, GD community

I hope everyone is well and taking care of themselves amid this pandemic.

We’ve never seen anything like this here, and it’s just beginning for us.


Thanks Phenomena, that means a lot.
Persnally most conversations and friendship activities are already done through the Internet so nothing much’s changed. But I’d like to thank everyone over the years that built upon technology that even in quarantine, people don’t neccesarily have to be isolated. This would be a lot harder on everyone if we didn’t have amazing contraptions like computers and the Internet.

Since they manage a kindergarten, my parents are following closing procedures, but are still doing maintenance, paperwork and renovation ideas currently. The worst part about all this for me is not the pandemic, but rather, that I’m still not contributing to the family’s well being (fianancially).
Slowly, that’s being worked on, though. It’ll take a while but in the future it won’t be the problem.

The situation also makes me feel like still being thankful to this community for existing. Before I joined there really wasn’t a place for me to help others - every other thing I delved in had high entry barriers, mostly there being a lot of other, experienced helpers in the topic, meaning there’s not as much I could do. GDevelop is a wonderful community that somehow, I fit in, get to help people, and that feels great.
If whoever’s reading this feeling like they don’t belong, that’s normal. Even if you don’t have that much experience with the program itself, if you know a small amount of information needed to solve someone’s How do I…? topic, that’s a good enough contribution. If it doesn’t immediately solve the problem the basics you provide already propel some distance forward.
Bonus points if you’re early to the topic!

For something more on-topic, there’s not much to say. My hygiene habits are still the same, because going out just happens that rarely. Going grocery shopping earlier, people were buying rather sane items, like water bottles, food, and alcohol, like nothing ever happened. It’s likely because less than half the country uses toilet paper, that or they actually ran out and I didn’t notice (an often occurence).

Thanks for reading this rather hodgepodge’d post. Likewise, I wish everyone the best in surviving through this.


How do you spend your days?

I see more and more people on the forum, you’re also a lot of new users, it’s great to see so many people online!

On my side I have an update for the gamepad extension to finish.
And others in project: arrays, mobile keyboard, hitbox debugger.
Then I make some corrections and improvements in the game engine :slight_smile:

About health rules, I invite you to read the rules in your country. Take your responsibility.


Just the same as before - play old videogames I actually enjoy, socialize with game dev communities or small circle of friends, and if not GDevelop directly I’m also exploring writing stories… for games of course!

On my GDevelop project there is prototype RPG game I am finishing (just the mechanics), to collaborate with artists to work on it later, making a full scale game.
Currently I’m on inventory system, I couldn’t use ddabrahim’s example because I want to create full-fledged inventory that can be up scaled easily when the game is more advanced (example: Stardew Valley).
It’s hard though, so I’m thinking: 1) learn some computer science concepts or 2) create simple inventory specifically for that game, so I can finish the prototype.
I feel like number 2 right now, because I have my own deadline. Maybe I’ll go back to this complex inventory system in the future when I know computer concepts better.

Thanks for the reminder, Bouh. I actually haven’t watched local news at all! I definitely should do so, even though I don’t go out often (once every 1/2 weeks).