Steam Achievements, is it really that easy now?

Looking at Gdevelop Version 5.2.175, which added an experimental build-in extension, including a lot of conditions and actions related to steam APIs.

The action “claim achievement” caught my eye, because it will open a lot of opportunities for many future and existing projects to improve the player experience.

And asking just out of curiosity now? Is it really that easy now?
All you have to do is to write the achievement id in that action?
It is amazing isn’t it? :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, a Gdevelop project needs an steam app id for it to work…
So far so good, but where and how in Gdevelop is that function to link such an app id?

I know this extension is still experimental and is apparently still in development: In my opinion it is really a good thing and I want to say thank you to the person / persons who are working hard to implement new features for this engine.

I am excited to see what the future will offer, let’s create good games to make people happy.

Yes, it is mostly that easy.

The full process has a very detailed guide on the wiki here: Publish to Steam - GDevelop documentation

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Thank you, fascinating!

For future readers; how to link a Gdevelop project with a steam app id:
Simply go to the game properties, scroll down, there is an input box for the app id.