Steam CD keys (Flippen Run Mike)

Hi Everyone,

I have 15 Steam keys I want to give to the community that helped me make my game. (first come, first serve).

This isn’t a totally selfish gesture, and I would like the people who play the game to review it on Steam, and maybe help the game with the Steam algorithm. (this isn’t mandatory but would be appreciated)

Here is a link to the game.

Send me a message if you’re keen.


Nazi vampire unicorns :rofl: cool!

Thank you, its kind of a joke.

I mashed up all the stereotypical video game villains’ into one creature (and unicorns)

They’re called The Nazdu which is short for Nazi-Alien-Zombie-Demon-Unicorns.


I still have keys available just, let me know if anybody is interested.

I’ll try it out if you still have any left! You had me at "Nazi-Alien-Zombie-Demon-Unicorns’’ hahaha

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Yeah sure man I’ll send it to in a moment.

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