Steam Greenlight

Just out of curiousity, do you think it is possible to create games with GD that could be distributed on Steam through Valve’s new Greenlight site?

For those who don’t know, this is a way for anyone who wants to get a chance to get their games sold on Steam (if the game gets enough votes :slight_smile:).

My main concern is probably the integration with the Steamworks API (which as far as I understand is required). Could that be done?

A few useful links:

Publising games on Steam Greenlight should not be a problem, I even thought of registering Game Develop but there is a registration fee of 90€ :frowning:
However, I do not know the steam API. Probably that a specific extension would have to be created to use this API.

Yeah, it is quite expensive. However, it’s only a one-time fee. And then you can submit as much as you want. I don’t know, I don’t think I have anything that is good enough to be distributed there anyway. But who knows, maybe one day :slight_smile:

We can always check out I’m planning on putting something there, just to see if I can get any feedback.

You should definitively add Game Develop there as well.

I’ve completed the registration form on The engine is already on but it is not listed on IndieDB, it also sent a mail to the team to get more information. :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:

I also checked with (registering on indiedb will give you access to desura). There is a mention on their site about not supporting programs like Game Maker, so I asked if this also meant Game Develop. He told me that it wasn’t really a matter of which program you use, only a matter of the quality of the game.

So basically, if you create something polished and cool, you should be able to publish and sell your games there. There is no cost with publishing, but the minimum price is 1,99USD and they work on a revenue model which is 30/70 (I think and hope that means 70 for the developer :slight_smile:.