Storage Crash Sometimes?

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if this is a bug or something I did wrong. I was trying to make an EXE version of Ruxby, but every time I use the “Load structured file “Save_Data” in memory” or “Read “Data” from file “Save_Data” and store it in VAR” event it automatically crashes? This only happens in native and it works for me in HTML. It’s also only crashing when it loads a minigame score, but other saves aren’t crashing it. I also tried it in 3.6 and 4.0 and they both are crashing. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: And apologizes for so many storage questions lately. I just can’t figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you “Load structured file” you also need to “Close a structured file” when you done with it.
I could be wrong but in some other tools only 1 file can be opened at the time maybe this is the case also with GDevelop so make sure you close it at the end.

Otherwise, I don’t think you need to load a structured file on native platform to make storage actions work, I don’t remember if I had to ever do it (it might changed).
In case the closing a structured file doesn’t help. try to use the read and write storage actions without opening and closing a structured file.

Also make sure you are using “Read/Write a Value” to read and write numbers and “Read/Write a Text” to read and write text. You can’t read/write text as value and number as text. Except if you convert number to text first but after that, need to read as text.

I tried all of those things. I made sure they were closing the structures, and I tried Read/Write a Value without opening or closing them, but it’s still crashing? :confused: Could this be an issue with my computer? It’s only freezing on the minigame’s scores, but not while saving other stuff o_o

Can you give us your project ?

I sent you a link via PM :slight_smile:
Hopefully it’s not too messy or whatnot.