Strange behaviour after latest update (collision stuff)


After the latest update this line stopped working.

Just look at the circled part. I didn’t change anything. It just stopped working.
This “code” creates this infinite bouncy obstacle movement but that is not the point.

Strangely these object’s physics behaviours work, but it just don’t detect the collision that is circled here…(no matter if these are groups as it is now or changed into individual objects, same result).

I wasted a good amount of time trying to get it working again but no luck. Is there something i should know, when 2 objects with physical behaviours collide that has changed?

This is a minigolf game, and both of these sprites work normally and create a bounce when colliding with the ball, but just doesn’t recognice colliding with each other.

This “vrt_moving_tile” (group) falls down in the beginning and stops when it hits “bouncy limit” (group), but collision is not detected and these 2 objects just stop moving, unlike before the update.

Sorry if i sound confusing…

Had to edit a bit…I wrote this yesterday after a few beers :rofl:

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OK, here’s a video i created. I have 2 laptops side by side. On the left there’s the newest version of Gdevelop, and on the right side, there is the older version…

No collision detection on the left side. Same exact file on both laptops.

Minigolf physics collision

I will just install the previous version of Gdevelop (gdevelop-5-0-135), until someone can help me understand what’s going on here.

My game is almost ready, course selection, random levels, high scores…
Just need to “polish” the levels a bit and make some more (only 18 holes so far) but i’m starting to lose my motivation and interest again. Same thing happened with my previous games towards the end.

Then i’ll have 3 apps. Don’t really know what i’m going to do with them. My original plan was to make releases for play store and app store, but everything is too compicated because i’m unemployed at the moment. Sorry got a little carried away here…

Thanks for the report. Some changes were indeed made to the Physics engine recently.
I have forwarded your case to the devs.

Hi @mh6669,

Thanks for reporting this issue, I added changes to the collision detection indeed, I’m sorry if it changed things for you.
Could it be possible that you zip and send me your project so that I can debug it to better understand what’s happening?

Where can i send it privately?

If you click on his username, a window will pop up with a Message button.
Upload your zipped project on or similar, and send him the link. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’m such a noob, but yay i learned how to send a private message :rofl:

OK, consider this solved. @alexandresi suggested me to use the “rectangular movement” extension instead of collision detection and so i did. Makes sense. Thank you for helping!

Thanks for confirming, @mh6669.

@alexandresi : Should the bug report be closed? :thinking:

I don’t really know what caused this collision not to register really, but i went the route @alexandresi suggested and it seems to be the right way. Added the extension and changed my events accordingly. As for me it is closed.

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I suggested @mh6669 not to use the use of physics movements to do such a mechanic (sprite going back and forth) since you end up tweaking physics parameters so that it can work (density up to 10000) and it can have unexpected behaviors (inertia, bouncing, etc.).

Glad it worked!

The above suggestion was an advice but there was indeed a bug.
It is fixed in v5.0.138.

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OK, so that’s a win-win situation.
Thank you for your hard work.