Stupid question

I have just created my account and cannot upload my avatar from Dropbox. I am told that the URL is invalid. Is it possible to upload from my computer?


Sorry. Forgot the link to the avatar… … 0.png?dl=0

The problems are that there is “?dl=0” at the end of the URL and that the link returns a webpage and not a picture. :wink:
You should try another host.

You could search for “get direct link to image”, or something like that too. If you have dropbox installed, you could try this (not sure if it works really):

Victor. You were correct. Dropbox calls it an interstitial image. The problem was mine. I did not have the image stored in the “public” folder.

Lizard. Your link to the “How to…” triggered the memory of placing the image within my Dropbox account but NOT placing it in the “public” folder.

Thanks to you both, the problem with the wayward avatar, has been solved.


Cool :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:. And remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, there are only stupid answers (like those containing lmgtfy links, ugh… that site should go down, permanently).