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Crimson Games 2021-04-11T22:00:00Z
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Hello friends, today I bring you a new project that I have been working hard for the last few weeks. It is a website where video game creators can upload their games and play them online, it is free and worth trying.
The purpose is to gradually promote the growth of this great application. GDevelop 5 is for me today one of the best platforms to create video games, whether simple or complex, depending on the level of knowledge of the developer.
It seems to me a successful proposal to give developers the possibility to test their games in a real environment while gaining confidence in themselves when publishing their games online.

To test the web you just have to register, with a username, email and password.
Once registered, the user will be able to create their games within the web and place them live or in draft.

Here is how to sign up and upload your games.

It also includes the ability to add and manage leaderboards that integrate with GDevelop 5.
Within the web in the user area you will find all the documentation and an example project to integrate your games with the leaderboards.
This API is available to everyone at the moment there is only documentation and project for GDevelop 5, in the future other game engines will be integrated.

Take a look Here is the sample game with Leaderboards integrated

Please, the web is in beta phase, if you find any bugs, let me know.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy creating games with GDevelop 5.


Added public documentation for the API integration with GDevelop 5
API Documentation

Links can be found in footer of the website.
How to Add a new Player to your game.
How to Set a Player Score.
How to Get a Player Score.
How to get All Players Scores of your Game.

A detailed project specially created for GDevelop 5 is now available for download and test.

Crimson Games Leaderbards GDevelop Project

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I don’t know if it is very relevant here but now we also have support for Construct 3 in our API.