Summer Bubbles - Mobile game

Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to share my second game on GDevelop5. This game is designed for mobile devices.

In game you need to release bubbles and raise them. When they reach the required point, you get a new gel. You can merge specific bubbles to each other, increasing their lift and points(Initial size bubbles can only merge with bubbles of the same color). You can also catch FLYERS by increasing bubble scores as well.

Google Play:
Old versions:
Game files:
Game online:

Trailer: Summer Bubbles trailer - YouTube

I would be grateful for your feedback )



Added on Google Play:

Uploaded an update to google play.
Added a table of achievements(collected bubbles) and interactive tutorials.

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Added a trailer: Summer Bubbles trailer - YouTube

Thank you) I will continue to work on improving the game further

Nice work, unique concept!

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