Super Mario Bros. ONLINE (Demo)

For those who have been following my many inquiries on the “How Do I…?” section of the forums, I can now finally announce the first official playtest of my new fangame, Super Mario Bros. ONLINE!

While there are no online capabilities yet, this is mainly to serve as a proof-of-concept demo of Super Mario Bros. made (as accurately as currently possible) in GDevelop. The full game will feature:

  • Up to 10 Playable Characters, Each With Unique Abilities
  • Online Play
  • Remade World Themes
  • New NES-Style Music Tracks
  • All 32 Levels From the Original Super Mario Bros.

As a bonus, here’s a look at the planned character select interface:

Super Mario Bros. Multi-Plus Character Select

Play the Demo Here


Very faithful, well done! :blush: :+1:

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Wow, really well done! But I hoped to be able to dive into one of the tubes as well - but maybe I missed the right one :blush:


Thanks, and no, there’s currently no pipe functionality. Right now I’m working on tightening up some code.


The physics aren’t quite the same as the original SMB (Mario is a bit fast, there is not enough traction when turning around, and he jumps a bit high), but good job so far. Good stuff!

when is the next update coming out waiting for more levels and pipe entrances

Hello and congratulations on your work. The game has very similar speed and physics to the original. In the first level, I noticed a little bug taking a mushroom. Towards the end of the level there are 4 boxes distributed like this
The bottom ones contain coins, the top one a mushroom. The mushroom appears misaligned with respect to the box.
One doubt: could you have legal using the same sprites and the same music? Hello and have good job,