Super Mario Bros. ONLINE (Demo)

For those who have been following my many inquiries on the “How Do I…?” section of the forums, I can now finally announce the first official playtest of my new fangame, Super Mario Bros. ONLINE!

While there are no online capabilities yet, this is mainly to serve as a proof-of-concept demo of Super Mario Bros. made (as accurately as currently possible) in GDevelop. The full game will feature:

  • Up to 10 Playable Characters, Each With Unique Abilities
  • Online Play
  • Remade World Themes
  • New NES-Style Music Tracks
  • All 32 Levels From the Original Super Mario Bros.

As a bonus, here’s a look at the planned character select interface:

Super Mario Bros. Multi-Plus Character Select

Play the Demo Here


Very faithful, well done! :blush: :+1:

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Wow, really well done! But I hoped to be able to dive into one of the tubes as well - but maybe I missed the right one :blush:


Thanks, and no, there’s currently no pipe functionality. Right now I’m working on tightening up some code.


The physics aren’t quite the same as the original SMB (Mario is a bit fast, there is not enough traction when turning around, and he jumps a bit high), but good job so far. Good stuff!