Superpowers -collaborative 3d html5 Engine-open source fund
The extensible, collaborative HTML5 2D+3D game maker

Its interesting. Their editor is collaborative in real time! It’s written in html5, but can be run as a standalone app and offline (win,lin,mac).
It can act as a local server, where the other contributors can connect to it, independent of any online service. Editing happens in real time and they all sync immediately- like google docs.

The engine can be downloaded when open sourced. There is a bitbucket:
There is also a video demo that is quite impressive.

They have a couple of professional looking games made with it:

They are trying to get it funded in order to open source it.
They also plan to add visual programming - when its open sourced. With the help of the community. (maybe we could do a future collaboration with them?)

The engine uses three.js, which means that you can make 3d webgl games with it- not just 2d.

They are a bunch of french guys - a humble team or programmers+artists.

I wouldn’t support them. Elisee Maurer, the main guy behind the project, has a real trouble accepting tiniest bit of criticism and known history of rejecting good ideas “just because”. That’s one of many reasons his last project, CraftStudio for the most part, failed.

On the other hand, if Florian would be involved, I wouldn’t have any reservations about putting money into the project as 4ian listens closely to feedback and warranted criticism.

their development is impressively active and the engine is going to be open source soon.

An opensource html5 3D engine!
They got my support :slight_smile:

If florian or victor get involved in implementing a visual programming plugin for superpowers, they will get my support too!

Actually, I think that if florian makes a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign to develop a visual programming framework for superpowers or godot (and call it gdevelop to advertise his own engine too), he will probably manage to get a lot of publicity and support from the other open source game communities as well.

I would wait for them to fully open source it though.
Right now it is open source only for supporters.

(posts 7 months later) Going to be open source soon, huh?