Support for Tiled .TMX files gone?

Hey guys!

I haven’t used GDevelop for a couple of years, but about two years ago I remember that import support for .tmx files from the Tiled editor was added. Has it been removed in more recent versions?

Tilemap extension was never (and has not been) ported for the web platform, is a native-only feature. GD5 works with the web version exclusively, that’s why it’s gone :neutral_face:

GD4 should support it I think.

Ah, that explains it, thanks a lot Lizard! I didn’t know even the native version of GD5 was based on the web version.

I’ll try importing in GD4, then see if I can somehow export that to GD5.

I fear this wont work, since GD5 currently has no support for tilemaps at all.
This is one of the most wanted features on trello:
But unfortunately also one of the biggest. The whole logic related to tilemaps will have to be ported from C++ to JavaScript, including the tilemap and tileset editor which is a huge task.