Support Utopian, building an open-source collaboration platform is an initiative that helped involving people in GDevelop translations. They are launching a crowdfunding to help them create an open-source collaboration platform:

This could help projects like GDevelop get more visibility and contributors with incentives to take part into the development, documentation, translations, etc! :smile:

Give a look at their Indiegogo page: and back the project if you’re interested!

Quote from the Indiegogo page:

We have been dreaming about a new world, where open source innovation is diverse and inclusive.
First platform for open source collaboration where everyone has a place to contribute, by enabling the distribution of incentives to the contributor community
Utopian Colony is the first accessible platform for open source collaboration enabling project owners to build and engage contributor communities, through knowledge sharing, tips and bounties, lowering the boundaries in open source inclusion


  • Open Source Blog
  • Get & Give Support
  • Collective Financing
  • Bounty Management
  • Community Chat
  • Secure virtual wallet for instant access to donations and tips.
  • Opportunity Explorer feeds to discover your next passion, and connect with recruiters, investors and partners.

It is sounds great but I don’t understand any of this. What is Utopian Colony and this campaign is all about? Is it something like GitHub, Crowdin,Trello, Discord, Indiegogo, Patreon, Bountysource, LinkedIn All-In-One platform?

Could you please explain in a little less former way so average human beings from outside the Marvel universe can understand too? :sweat_smile:
What is the deal here?
Thanks. :wink:

As I understand it, it’s a bountysource-like platform targeted at open-source. Though your feedback is interesting because the Indiegogo may not be clear. Might be a good thing to tell them, I’ll ping them :slight_smile:

The idea sounds good, but it’s not clear.
From what I understand it would be a hub for people who want to contribute to projects.
So a great site for projects like Gdevelop that grows with the community.
And a great site to discover projects.

…it’s a bountysource-like platform
…it would be a hub for people who want to contribute to projects.

Yeah it is sounds like an All-In-One platform to me for projects looking for contributors and supporters and devs looking for projects to contribute to and support including the means to do it for coders, artists, writers, designers and also funding…etc and also ways to communicate with blog and chat.

Sounds interesting but I find the language they use way too formal. Maybe they are trying to look professional and educated to make the impression they have what it takes to deliver what is promised in the campaign in order to make more people to support them but imo it is doing more damage than good because it is not 100% clear what is this. Not to me anyway but will see at the end.

If it is what I think it is, it could turn out to be an interesting platform but they might need to deliver first and then ask for support on their own platform or through Patreon to host and maintaining the platform that is if they don’t take a cut from donations, payouts and staff.

I wish them good luck.