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Hi all!

Since I have received exactly 0 feedback since I have started this page and I am running out of ideas and motivation:

I decided to create a survey this time and I would like to ask everyone to complete the survey who is interested in game examples and templates not only for GDevelop but ANY engine and framework,

I’m going to run this survey for 1 month in December and I’m going to use the results to decide about the future of gametemplates.itch.io and what content I am going to be working on in 2020 if any.

Thank you for everyone who take the time to complete the survey.


So far the participation was great!

However, except a couple of people, most of you who did select Other in the questions, did not bothered to use the Comment box to let us know what Other option would you choose.
If this is apply to you, please take the survey again, this time, choose only Other and use the comment box to let us know what other option would you choose.
Thank you.

Also, some people decided they are using all engines on the planet, they target all platforms on the planet, they need all features, services, tools, and developing all sort of genres on the planet.
Those submits will be ignored and going forward I have limited the number of answers you can select for each question!
If this is apply to you, please take the survey again, because your recent submits going to be ignored!

Thank you!

Just want to bump this topic up.
Had a very good start but unfortunately so far not many people participated in the survey.

If you are interested even just a little in examples and templates please take 4 minutes to answer some very simple questions to help me plan the roadmap for 2020.
The result of this survey going to have a great influence on my plans for next year.

In 2 weeks from now at the end of December I’m going to close the survey.


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Since we had only a couple submits in the past 7 days, I decided to close the survey and share the results because it is unlikely to change in the next 7 days.
Huge thanks to everyone who did take the time to participate in the annual survey in 2019, it was very valuable to me.

To no surprise GDevelop 5 remain in our toolbox for no coders, you can read more detail about the result here:

Overall, I think the survey worked out really well, I have a much better idea now what content worth investing my time in and which engines.
I should have been doing this in the first place long ago. I’m really happy with the results.

Thanks to everyone who participated :+1:

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Currently unfortunately I am little using both the forum and gdevelop but to see that no one comments for your splendid work with the examples saddens me.

In my opinion to make your projects known you also have to enter on discord which in my opinion is the best system to promote your creations.

Another thing is that with the examples already ready if you do not explain how to use these tools it becomes difficult to understand what to do to create a certain code if one is a beginner the maximum he can do is copy and paste but it is not always so obvious since if not conosc The steps to do after some things can’t come back well together.

Sorry about the late answer, it’s always nice to read you.

I am currently taken date creation of graphic assets since with programming (despite it being something I like) I had to give up since I hate to use the graphics made by others.


I didn’t read the whole “paper” of yours, but while I agree overall with you, I disagree with your statement “GDevelop wasn’t made for being used with Js and it has no advantages”. First, all actions/conditions/expressions are calls to a JavaScript function, so you can totally do everything with Js the same way you do it with the event system. Second it does have advantages to use Js. You can use Js variables and types instead of the GDevelop ones, and have more control. It is easier to select a specific object instance and to loop over things. You can use external libraries, JS specific functions like idk promises, modifying the Dom, you can also dynamically create new objects and inject them into the scene, generally use functions that are not available out of the box. So it is useful, but as GDevelop is specifically made for making it optional, it’s not promoted. And while you can do almost everything with the graphical scripting system, it is only interaction with the engine and not game creation with the engine in general. I am not good at English and explaining so I hope you understand my point.

Yes I do realize this and I was considering to create written or video tutorials explaining this, but it is require lots of time and not convinced it is worth it. One of the example actually including a PDF that explain in more detail how it works but when I asked people what they think about it I received 0 feedback people just don’t care and I don’t want to waste my time. But regardless I do enjoy experimenting with staff and working on these templates and I do my best explaining staff in comments.
But sure you need to be very familiar with the engine used to understand it and learn anything from it, for now there is nothing I can do about it other than answer questions on the forum :+1:

Of course JS offer the benefit of being able to do just about anything, what I meant is that I see no point of using JS instead of events to do staff that you can already do using events.
I can see lot of people actually decide to use nothing but JS events in GDevelop even for things like moving, rotating staff, changing animations and manipulating scene and object variables for no real reason just to have fun with JS. I don’t personally interested doing this, I rather use Phaser or CocosCreator for JS but nobody picked them in the survey and I am simply not interested using JS in GDevelop to implement generic gameplay. It was make more sense to me to ignore this result and pick the 2nd most popular language from the survey instead and an engine that fits :+1:

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Survey closed