[Survey] How do you want your extensions to let you access data?

Good day everyone!

I have two questions for everyone to help with the design of an extension I am working on, and generally the extensions I work on.

Let’s say, for the sake of this example, the extensions interacts with a system with some users, for which I have expressions to obtain information and actions to interact with them (e.g. a Username expression, a Send message to user action, etc). I want these expressions and actions to be available for different users, and to also be available for the current user.

1st question: Which access pattern do you prefer? Variables or IDs?


2nd question: Which data access pattern do you prefer, unified generic expressions, or more direct, specific expressions?


Feel free to write a message explaining more thoroughly what you prefer about one of these patterns, or to just cast a simple vote on the poll below if you are busy ;p

Thanks in advance to anyone who shares their opinion!

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  • Object oriented, unified
  • Object oriented, specifc
  • ID oriented, unified
  • ID oriented, specific
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I understand your questions
I do not understand to what they refer to
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I tried to disable image compression on the post, is it better now?


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