#🎩 [ Suzi the "NEZ'ard Sweep ] - Free Download for Windows - Game made by Jim Chim-in-ey . . . A genuine chimney sweep

Firstly I’d like to thank the community here.
When I get stuck, this forum and all the kind people who share their knowledge has been amazing. . . so Thank you all. :+1::joystick::tophat:

Here is my game. Think Mario if it was made by an amateur retro gaming award winning chimney sweep with a love for 90’s gaming that’s never made a game before.

More info and Free download available from here.

Game Name: Suzi the “NEZ’ard” Sweep
Tagline: Flee’s are the worst of her worries
Genre: Side-Scrolling Platform
Website: www.jclord.co.uk
Free Download Link : Suzi the “NEZ’ard” Sweep Download Link



Above is the game promo video for Suzi the “NEZ’ard” Sweep.

If you want to download the game for free visit

Dick Van Dyke would be proud. :+1: :sweat_smile: