Swamp: now is live on kickstarter!


Swamp is now live on kickstarter. Discover what is to come in the link below:

What’s going on with Swamp since the demo was realeased 2 years ago :

As you may know, a demo of this project was relased 2 years ago, before the covid crysis starts, wich make us, at After Apocalypse Games, took a kind of break.

During these 2 years, we worked a lot on engine improvements, including more and more features allowed by the evolutions of GDevelop 5. On the meanwhile, a lot of work was made on pre-production of the full game : arts, story, and really much more contents around the Swamp universe. You’ll be up to date if you check the Kickstarter page ;).

Feel free to try the original demo* of the game, and/or share our campaign, wich is a good way to support us, not only with money.

*The original demo wasn’t updated with new technicals stuffs to keep the multiples translations made by fans in severals languages, since the dialogue system was entirely reworked. Expect a really technically enhanced gameplay in the game to come if the campaign is a success. Prefer the desktop version of the demo for a better experience.


So awesome to see this project is still in the works. Best of luck!

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Sorry for late answer and no update since the end, and the fail, of the kickstarter campaign.

As you may now, we didn’t reached the amount requested to produce the game as planned.
The project isn’t dead forever, we will “finish” it by releasing, when it will ready, an extended, and free, demo of the game.

Thanks to every people who backed us and appreciated our game.

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I’m really sorry the Kickstarter was not successful. I really like the design, the art and I’ve been waiting for years to continue the story.

Would like to mention that on the Kickstarter page, one thing that was disappointed me a little is the background story about old governments re appear from underground like the British, German, France, the EU, Russia and… they just continue THE fight post apocalypse for resources.
Also not so sure why is Germany and France is independent from the EU in the story, could have been more interesting idea if the EU become federal state including both and would give a bit more resistance against the British after all in reality if the EU become federal it could be a serious power against the USA and China and this is why they would love to see it falling apart instead of getting stronger and more united…

I can’t say it is why the Kickstarted failed but if I did not know the origin of this project and just read about it I would have think “dah…” and moved on, forget about it… I just can not connect with it.

Anyhow, I liked the campaign in the demo and I am looking forward to play the full game at some point in the future.

Good luck :+1:

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