Swipe scrolling option selection example

I’ve been messing round with making a horizontal selection scroller, and thought I’d make it available for general usage. It’s touch only, but shouldn’t take too much effort to convert or add mouse control to it.

Please post any improvements you can spot - I’m all for learning how to do things better/easier/faster.

Download the zipped json and image from this link to GoFile.io


Can you provide your event pictures or explain more detail of you problem

There is no problem. I’ve created something that I’m sharing.It’s a basic roladex type side scrolling selector. It’s there for devs to use and improve it.

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nice job, thanks for sharing!

Link is dead, please fix it, i m need this :frowning:

Wow,thanks but the link s uncorrect. Can you please fix it ?

Heh, I guess there’s time limit to how long the files are stored.

I’ve put them in another location. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer than 6 months…

It’s now downloadable from MediaFire

Oh thanks you so much :blush:

Small question
There is still motion in the swipe (meaning there is no touch in motion) is not work

I’m not clear on what you mean. Do you mean there’s no weight behind the swipe in that it has no momentum? So the swipe stops when the touch is released?

If so, it’ll be something you’ll have to implement yourself. I’ve only provided the basic scrolling action with resizing and tinting of the books as they scroll left and right.

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Oke thanks
More question
How to Stop scrolling in book 1 and book 16, please help :sob:

this has been resolved :+1:

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