Talk/workshop on Game Development using GDevelop

Hi @4ian, @Bouh ,

A DigiTech conference is being organised next month in Indore(Madhya Pradesh, India) and I have got an invitation to speak on the topic of my preference. I have been a tech speaker since 2.5yrs. Since I am GSoD applicant and when I started using GDevelop I realised how easy it is to create games with no knowledge of programming and also I find GDevelop pretty cool because I have been using unity game engine more than 6 months. I thought this will be a great opportunity for me to contribute as GDevelop community member and to teach GDevelop to the audience of 300+ people.

I created this topic to inform you guys about the talk I will be delivering about GDevelop. I would kindly request you to provide links to videos of any previous talks about GDevelop(if any).

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Shubhendra Singh Chauhan


This sounds great :slight_smile:
You’re very welcome to make any presentation about GDevelop.

My last presentations were more focused on the technical side, see the list here: GDevelop events (game jams, conferences...) [GDevelop wiki]

Slides: Native Web Apps: React and WebAssembly to Rewrite Native Apps

But this is very focused on the technical side, feel free to make a talk about GDevelop itself.

A few ideas that come to my mind :

  • Of course, the “visual programming” aspect:
    • Events as a good solution for quick “programming” while being accessible to beginners AND not a pain to use for experienced developers.
    • The fact that it is robust enough to make 99% of a game logic.
  • How are the main editors organised
  • The concept of behaviors
    • Including custom behaviors that can be shared? And written using events.
  • The JS game engine:
    • Pixi.js/WebGL for rendering
    • It’s an all JS game engine
    • WebAssembly as a future way to improve it.

GDevelop is actually pretty vast so there is a lot to say, it really depends on the audience :slight_smile: Might be more or less technical and more or less focus on the game engine or the editor.

Feel free to send me your slides if you want me to double check them or help for some details :slight_smile: Ping me here.

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Thank you so much @4ian for ideas suggestions and your guidance.
I went through your slides and yes they are focused more on the technical side.

I would like to make a talk about GDevelop itself.
I will ask here my doubts and will share the slides of my presentation as soon as they’re done.