Tank vs Aliens

I made this game in Game Develop ( it’s unfinished) http://dzony.p.ht/.

Graphic are most not made by me, I used bunch of them from some free sources (becouse i’m not a graphic designer).

The aim of the game is to destroy all “invaders”.

Also I have a question about the explosion animation from enhanced tutorial template. I used this animation for a “placeholder” but I’m wondering if I could actualy use it in my game permanently? I just couldn’t find any licence file or information :slight_smile:

Btw. great job with this program!

(Sory for my english, i’m not native speaker, and it’s late… :wink:)

Very fun game already,well done ! Im enjoy it very much especially the blue bullet :laughing:
I’m look forward to see the final game,I hope more bullet and platform types will come.Good fun

I’m not sure about the explosion,4ian will tell,but I guess all the sprites included in examples is free to use just like GameDevelop otherwise 4ian have to attach a licence with it from the original author of the sprite (if it different).Also need to mention the original source of the sprite in some cases (if it different).Yeah this is a good question :wink:

Nice, very fun indeed!
You could maybe add a button to reset the level, in a level a platform got stuck between two other platforms and I was unable to complete the level. But anyway good job! :slight_smile:

For the explosion, you can use it without restriction, it is a free sprite. Most of the sprites used in the examples can also be used without restriction. There are other resources in the “Resources” folder: For them, there is a Readme.txt file included in each folder. In this case, better put an acknowledgment in the game :slight_smile:

EDIT : Let me know when the game will be finished ( or improved ), and if you agree, I could add it to the game showcase on the website ( compilgames.net/jeuxEN.php )

Thank You!

Reset level button will be added, and sure You can add my game on this site. When I’ll finish it, I’ll add some info here.

Are you by any chance Polish? Using Polish host (Hostinger) and all? Because I’m too. Anyway, I’m stuck on 2nd level, what’s the trick there?

Yeah, indeed i’m from Poland :slight_smile: But anyway we should speak in english here. You can play Tank vs Aliens here: http://tva.clay.io/, it’s latest version of the game, and it’s still unfinished ( I just have other, more important projects atm ). But anyway you can check it.

I think second level is pretty easy, maybe u didn’t noticed that you can shoot over the upper wall? It’s just “background graphic”, and I think about changing it becouse it may be confusing.

As it is well designed, I’ve added the game to this page compilgames.net/jeuxEN.php :slight_smile: