Taurus Project

Taurus Project is a target shooter that never meant to be a complete game with real content and play value but only a sort of demo to show what can be done using 3D2Sprite in hands of someone like me who’s got 0 art skills but have access to some nice 3D models and images. It is made in 2 days, definitely not something that anyone would play longer than a minute, but since it is made in GDevelop, I decided to also mention it here :slight_smile:

I may going to develop it further and make it to be more than just a target shooter and also add some RPG and exploration/crafting, elements, skills that we can develop and to be able to make some progress. Taurus Project might be the first step toward that direction but for now it is nothing but a demo for 3D2Sprite :slight_smile:


That’s pretty neat! 3D2Sprite will come pretty handy for me in my future projects! I have also thought to try how BioMechanic Man Boy looks with pre-rendered 3d characters, but it still just a thought so far :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice work!

Looks pretty interesting, I’m looking forward to see how you develop the game :slight_smile: keep it going

Thanks .
I’m surprised you guys find it interesting and neat :laughing:
I’m appreciate your courtesy but It is really never intended to be a real game but a sort of graphical demo to share on my blog in first place :slight_smile:

Before I develop it any further and add more content to be worth playing I guess I should be optimize it a little bit first, at the moment it is consumes tons of CPU and GPU.

It is runs smooth on my “old” gaming PC with 8GB RAM, 1GB dedicated GPU and a quad core CPU, but it is crashing on my Android phone and it is runs extremely poor on my old Ubuntu laptop because of obvious reasons. Also the poor performance causing some bugs that I never though about. In some cases where I’m checking actual animation numbers the actions may never triggered because the animations I’m expecting to be played in certain cases is not playing or playing too late because of the lag and it is just causing a chain reaction and long list of bugs :stuck_out_tongue:
Not a nice experience :blush:

Because it was intended to be only a little demo on my blog I never though about performance, to share it here was a reckless, hasty last minute idea.

Actually jajaja it runs smooth on my 4GB dell all in one with intel HD graphics which is a really bad pc for gaming jajaja the only annoying thing was to wait so long for ir to load but it looks cool a gane made that way looks interesting.

And I found that Gdev cordova have some bugs even with a little game I made that crash for no reason sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

I have uploaded an improved version, now it is (not smooth but) playable even on my old Ubuntu laptop with 1GB RAM, dual core CPU and integrated Intel graphics. I was also look in to the bugs caused by low frame rate, everything should work now even if the frame rate drops .

It should work on most PC’s now :slight_smile:

I also managed to reduce it size a little, it should also load faster for the first time, it takes about 15-20 seconds on any device I have tried, after the first time it takes only few seconds from browser cache but it can’t remain like that because it size going to keep growing as I’m going to add more content…

Full source is available now at: