Telecom Tycoon by Indiestar Games

Game overview:

Telecom Tycoon puts you in the role of a young CEO, of a newly established telecommunications company, and gives you all the tools to build the next telecom empire across the United States. In your way to conquer the telecom market, you will be able to: create your own telecom network, provide mobile carrier services, design custom subscription plans, manage important business aspects, build wireless towers, data centers, offices, retail stores & many more to discover.

The face behind:

Telecom is powered by GDevelop and is currently being developed by Indiestar Games. A small independent game studio, that is always working hard to innovate & come up with new cool game proposals that stand out from the rest.

Sign up for beta testing:

Although we do not have an exact date for the beta release, we are actively seeking for potential beta testers. You can sign up by simply following us on twitter @indiestargames. When the time comes, we will be hand picking beta testers from our twitter followers. Remember to follow us so that you can stay informed with the latest details about current and upcoming projects.

Suggestions & contact info:

If you have any suggestions or want to contact us, feel free to send a private message or email at Thank you for all the support!

Main screenshot: (For more screenshots please visit our Indiedb profile here)

For more info visit us at Indiedb or follow us on Twitter!

Your game definitely looks interesting and special. Looking forward to play this.
But I think you should devide your poll into more segments (eg. rating from 1-5) otherwise I can already predict you 95% for OMG I love it

Thank you for the suggestion Wendigo. We have updated the poll, taking into consideration your recommendation. We are glad that you liked the game concept. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @indiestargames and visit our profile on IndieDB to stay informed. Thanks for the support! :smiley: