Tellerrand - Sci Fi Short Story With A Twist

“Tellerrand - Rim Of The Plate”

A Sci Fi short story experience, an art game with a twist .
Playthrough time aproximately: 7 minutes.

Game Description:

Year 2727, the Sun is dieing and the earth suffers from unstable climate changes: In the center of the Antarctica is a huge growing ice wall.

The project: Get a crew and a spaceship to fly to the sun to scan it for more data to find out the reason why the sun is dieing.

But it seems that there is a bigger conspiracy going on…

More info readable in the description of the posted links.



Sounds interesting for sure! :fire: Bookmarking this to come back to it later.

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Thank you for the bookmark. I am hoping that you will have an enjoyable experience with my work of art.

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By the way: Tellerrand is taking part in the GDevelop Big Game Jam #5.
I got some feedbacks that people mentioning that they like the twist / the ending of the story. This is making me very happy to see that I could create a work of art which people enjoy.

I am already. It was fun from what I played. Though, I’m waiting a bit for a quiet time when I’m not distracted (and don’t have much to do) to sit down and really enjoy and focus on the game.

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