[Template] Farmalia - Farm & Build for GDevelop 5

Farmalia - Farm and build GDevelop 5 template

Just farm materials to build stone mine, a sawmill or a refinery for minerals.

Play here:

Source code:


wow thanks for this. i tried it just now however i noticed after i had built the two buildings and moving around it begins lagging

Sure I guess I mess up with the timers or something I have to check it out closely, thanks for the feedback.

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We have seen your submissions on Github we will discuss about your templates with the team, your games and examples deserve to be highlighted in my opinion.


congrats! i agree his templates are quality and are a valuable resource

Well thanks I summited some of the templates but this are for educational purposes and are not well documented, and even some of the templates has bugs. and repeated code since I just do this as a hobby, but as I always say if my work can help other then it’s worth for me.
Thanks anyway.

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Just to confirm your games/examples are very valuable and good looking :slight_smile: They are also larger than most other examples so they will need probably more work to get added with the adapted cleaning/updates so that they are as streamlined as possible.

In any case, great job :+1:

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