[Template] Racealia - Enjoy racing to the max

Hi mates here a new template I’m working on

Play here

Source code here

I really appreciate if someone helps me to add a rank/positoins system to this template.
I couldn’t figured out by myself.

License: DWFYW


Hi mates @Bouh, @Silver-Streak, @Gruk, @tristanrhodes do you think about this template I should submit as an example or no?

(Note: I"m not an example/template reviewer or approver, so my opinion doesn’t sway that).

I think this looks rad, but I’ve also been wracking my brain on how you could do ranking. I don’t think there’s an issue with adding it as a template right now, but again I have no input on it.

I need a bit longer to think of an option for ranking. I’m wondering if you could just do some sort of passing logic with objects. Something like:

  1. Adding an object to the front of every car, “RankBar”. This bar should be the width of the track if not slightly wider.
  2. Add an CarID to both the car and the rank bar so you can tell the difference.
  3. Have a Scene Array variable, with some sort of structure like:
    ScoreRanking.(IDhere).PassUp (which would be CurrentRank+1)
    ScoreRanking.(IDhere).PassDown (Whichwould be CurrentRank-1)
  4. Have events that check collision with the car and a rank bar, confirms that the CarID DO NOT match (so it’s not activating on its own rank bar). You’d then compare the carID to the scene array’s PassUP VS the RankBar’s ID’s Current rank (in the sceneranking array), so like. If ScoreRanking[ToString(Car.Variable(CarID))].PassUp = ScoreRanking.[ToString(RankBar.Variable(CarID)].CurrentRank, use actions to update all sets of variables, basically.

You might not even need pass down, I think?.

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Wow thanks a lot I’m going to try that logic.

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Awesome :heart_eyes:
I’m looking forward to fiddling with it. Thanks for sharing!
It should make a great addition to the examples, with a few more comments, and perhaps less copypasta, like for the car gears. I think that in the examples, we should strive to avoid copypasting, to demonstrate that most often, it’s possible to do without it.

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