[Template] Socceralia - The ball is your friend - GDevelop 5 template

Hi mates, Today I bring you Socceralia, a new soccer template for GDevelop 5,
As usual the License is WTFPL no credits required.

At the moment only one game can be played between Argentina and Italy, my two lands, my homeland
and my land of nationality.

Well, I’ve been with this project for a couple of weeks and it’s pretty decent and playable.

There are some bugs but hey I leave it to you who wants to fix them.

The ball is your friend, controls:
AWSD or Arrows
Z - Shoot
X - Pass
Space - Switch players

Return or Enter as you prefer. - Restart
N - Show players numbers
B - Show Debug draw
H - Show hide all objects in game
P - Pause game
F - Fullscreen

Play here:

Get the code:


I hope you enjoy with this template.

This is now a simple game playable here


Wow. I love your game. Is it possible to manage the replay?

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Another great job, thanks! :slight_smile: