[Template] Top Down Shooter for GDevelop 5

Hi mates I just released this simple template to demonstrate how to create a Top Down Shooter.
Source code is available for anyone.

You can get the project source code here.

No need to pay for the code, donations are accepted.

You can play online here too.

You can also grab the source code from GitHub here


This is fantastic.

Would you consider submitting it as an example to be included in the engine?

Sure but in the past I submit other examples and none of them was approved.
Well here it is: New example - Top Down Shooter Template · Issue #15 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-examples · GitHub


Thank you for posting it. The examples distro is relatively new to help avoid the issues you experienced in the past. It should easily get attention much quicker than before.

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There are a few things that might need to be looked at before it’s a template.

The Z-order seems to be an issue in some places (crosshair under the tree), also there is some issues with the bullet directions.

Thanks for the feedback, that changes have been done now. Added an object to fix the aim and shoot, changed the z-order of cursor to 1000.

I’ve closed the submission I don’t have time to fix the insanely points to cover of the reviewer.
That is that the template is available for anyone who want it

And here

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Hey Ulises. I’m sorry to hear that.

Is there any specific fixes that you didn’t have time to focus on? If so, and you can list them out, are you okay with me taking a look to see if I can resolve them?

I can’t guarantee I can fix them, but if I can I’d love to see this example included in the engine.

No problem I just don’t have time right now, I did fixed @Eiklahc marked in Version 1.0.2 the current, but there are a lot of todo according to the reviewer.
Sure you can do it if you want thanks anyway.

Not even in the Apple Developers Program they ask me for so many things to publish a game.
I think the policy must be the game works then is good to be in GDevelop 5 Showcase or as an Example.

No problem is your review policy, I accept it, but in this way it discourages creating templates that may help others and do not have to be perfect or programmed as you want them to be programmed.

I’ll take a look this week. Thanks for the update.