Testers for a game

Hey, I need testers for A game I’ve been working on. The games is a platformer where you play one level in three different modes.
If there are any bugs, or anything unusual, please comment so I can fix the issues.
Here’s the link:

Thank you, to anyone testing the game.

yo i tested it i didn’t really play for more then a 10 minutes

You need to show the up key in the level like a sign or smtn
i thought the light blue things were just background details till I stumbled upon it

at the character selection, u need to provide better visual info because it is very confusing

maybe also add a minimap because idrk what im supposed to be doing

at the title maybe say made by Blah
an then put Blah helped with whatever sprites

If u update some stuff HMU it looks cool just very confusing

Okay, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciated them. However, I would like to explain some things. They can be found below.

Due to the nature of the game, I can’t really give better visuals for character selection, because each character is locked to a certain “mode”.

By “up key”, I’m assuming you mean it as in, “press up to climb fences”. I explained the control’s in the mode select screen, although I could have done a better job of explaining it.

A mini-map is out of the question. I’m making the game for a Game Jam, and there’s no way I can add a mini-map in-time for the deadline.

As for crediting detail’s, sure, why not, I’ll do something similar to your suggestion.

just make a different object at the character selection screen based on what mode ur choosing

if u cant add a mini-map you could make a map key
like you hit map button and it dispays a map

u could do this by checking if random key is pressed then display a map graphic at a certain opacity
if not then dispay at 0

because I’m confused on where I’m supposed to go
“There are lots of random dead ends that have arrows telling me where to go but they’re blocked off”

and for credits, the reason you’d do that is cuz if you say made by you thats simpler than saying u did sprites, sound, etc because obviously u did that

it also gives more room for your name

if you climb a latter and just hold up at the top you will glitch a lot

the camera also jumps when u die maybe do smtn where the character will only spawn when camera goes to spaw area
so the camera can move slower???

Thanks for the, well, more feedback. I’ve decided to just finish development on the game, almost as it is in the link. This is mainly because I just want this to be over and done with. However, there are two things I would like to address.
First, is the confusing nature of the level. I made a sprite for arrows that point the player to the end, but I just forgot to add them in. Now that they have been added, I hope navigation will now be easier.
As for the ladder glitch, I’m not sure what you mean by it. I’m either assuming it’s when you press up and jump on a fence, which in that case, just consider it a movement option, I do it my self due to the slow fence climbing speed. The other thing the issue may be is that when you press up on a fence at the end of it, it kinda glitch’s a bit, which in that case, It really doesn’t matter.

the coolest part about it is the vertical movement when climbing
if u ever decide to open it back up PLEASE make a vertical level that would be so cool
the latter gameplay is awesome i love flying on them

Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ll probably not use the idea in this game, as the whole point is the one level, but I may incorporate the idea into another game.