Testing JavaScript extensions on mobile

Hi all,

I have a workflow question about JavaScript extensions that I’m hoping someone can answer. I followed the guide to create an extension by cloning gdevelop from GitHub, adding the files to the Extensions directory and starting the electron app. I can add a behavior from the extension to an object in a scene.

My problem is, I would like to be able to work on a game including the extension on my iPhone, both to test the extension/game and because sometimes all I have access to is my phone. I’m having trouble figuring out a workflow to do this. I can save the game to the cloud from my PC but it seems to use some kind of dev backend as I can’t see the saved game when logged into the iOS app. I also didn’t find a way to export the extension from my PC, as it does not show up in the list of extensions in the project manager.

Is there an easy way to test a JavaScript extension on my phone during development of the extension without having to publish it and get it reviewed?

Appreciate any help on this issue.

Updating since I was able to get help on Discord. There was no easy way to test a built-in extension on mobile. The solution is to use a community extension created in the editor and use JavaScript events, and save to the cloud