Testing versions of GDevelop


You can now test the new features of GDevelop before the official version thanks to the nightly versions that we set up. Each day, a new testing version of GDevelop is built and is available on this website: nightly.compilgames.net

You can see the changes that happened between each nightlies by clicking on “Changelog” next to each nightly. Do not hesitate to test and report the bugs that may occur.

Obviously, these versions are not stable and may not even start. So, before editing a project with them, please consider making a save from your project.

This is great, Thanks :slight_smile:

Changelogs also fun to read:


Yes, that happens when making big changes on Linux and seeing that the Windows build fails. :laughing:
The changelogs are the pure commit history from the GD Github repository, may not be readable for everyone. :nerd:

ty !!

I didn’t see any entry on the changelog about particule extension ? (it’s not bad, i don’t want make you under pressure !). But i’ll track for coming update on the nighlies !

No, because we did not fix it… :unamused:

The fix for the particle extension is coming soon: however, it needs one of our dependencies (SFML) to be updated. So, it may take some time to figure out if everything is ok.

Wich means some new SFML related features?:slight_smile: What’s the new version you are going to use ?

I hope SFML 2.4.1.
Besides, you can come and code the new features related to the new features of SFML :stuck_out_tongue:

You know i’m interested in ! I love Gdevelop so much ! But i’m facing the cruel cruel world, i only have 2 hours a day to work on my game, my job took me a lot of time… True fact is i’m C++ total noob and i don’t have time to enhance my skill for now :frowning:

I need to sell a looooot of games and then i’ll have time :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity (still new here): Can you clarify in which regard the particle extension needs fixing?

I’ve been using GD for 5 years, and have no idea what is the problem with the particle system, I’ve not used native particles in a while :neutral_face:

If you use textures particules, they don’t display correctly.

Yeah, thanks, I found the topic right now, it was in french, that is why I overlooked it :stuck_out_tongue:

When is this new going to release?

Hi! I visited the site with the nightly builds, but it doesn’t have any for Linux at the moment.
The thing is, I tried to look around the code to get a feel for where everything is and make modifications of my own, but on Linux, not even every tagged version actually works, let alone every state of the master branch.
I managed to find the last working tag by comparing the tag with the version number found on the latest release in the PPA. By building that version, I finally had a program which didn’t crash on either creating a new project, or when trying to switch to a scene or create one.
I was surprised, because where I work, we never have non-working states on the main branch, and rarely even on side branches.

This is how we do it: we branch off from the main branch - whatever it is called in a particular case - and make atomic modifications described in the branch name itself. This starts by creating an automatic test, or modifying existing ones to contain code to test what the program should actually do, not only what values some variables should take. Afterwards we write the code to make every test, also the newly written or modified ones pass.
Before we even make a pull request, we rebase onto the main branch to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprises due to changes made by other programmers while we were working on our branch.
We build our final state and not only see if it correctly built, but if all tests passed. Then, we make the pull request and have at least 2 people review the code, who in turn are also obliged to build and test it. It can only be integrated into the main branch once both reviewers approved the code. Optionally, there can be more reviewers.
Of course, tests are under version control too, so reviewers see immediately if someone just modified the tests in a lazy way to make them pass no matter what.
And this main branch isn’t even the one where releases happen! Releases are made only from a select few commits on this branch. Open source projects often call this main branch “develop” and create releases from “master”.
This might seem complicated, however, new features / bugfixes are implemented in practice anywhere between 1-5 hours, with a single person working on each at a time in parallel, apart from the reviewers during review.

Regardless if we rebase or merge, or what the actual review process looks like in the case of an open project, does GDevelop have any function tests or unit tests?
Are there any frameworks for wxWidgets like Squish to create GUI tests to verify that none of the functionality broke due to a modification?

The way it seems to me is that Linux is only supported in theory, since even tagged commits are not guaranteed to actually work, only to build. Is it different currently with Windows?
I understand that it must require a lot of work to create different packages for each distro separately.
What can we do as a community apart from providing our knowledge and devote our time? Can we pay for a continuous integration server with Linux to test GDevelop on?