Text doesn't change or bugs

I have a text object that follows the player to give him messages from time to time. When a condition is satisfied I define the position of the text, then define the text as “hello” for example, then wait few seconds, then define the the text as " ". But the text doesn’t always disappear. And sometimes it disappear but then when I later define the text as “how are you?” it shows “hello”.
It does it only with the autotyping text.

You’ll need to give us more information to work with. A screen shot of the events you have would be good start.

This simple part for example bugs. The first sentence doesn’t disappear. I even tried to write “…” before writing " " . Nothing works.

I tried this simple thing, it works for me:

ok thank you
I rewrote differently. I’m just learning. I wish there were more precise documentation.

so when I put the autotyping behavior it doesn’t work.

I added that, still works for me.
Did you add the behavior to the text object as instructed?

what I did yesterday was having 2 text boxes side by side. One with no behavior and one with the autotyping. The one with no behavior works as intended but the one with autotyping works sometimes and sometime does not. I have been trying to figure out of it depends on the waiting time and the size of the text being printed. And then I stopped using behavior. If I am the only one having this problem then it must be on my side. But it’s weird

Note, autotyping works via timers. You can edit the extension to take a look at how it is built.

It is very likely never going to work correctly by using the wait actions with it, as wait actions are asynchronous and do not take into account any timers that may be required by a behavior.

It is a community made extension (meaning not tested or supported by the devs) and pretty old, so it may not be compatible as new features such as the wait actions are added.