Text entry crash

since version 4, when i use an text entry object, doesnt preview nor charge … wtf???

Same problem. Any answer ?

I have a hotfix, it will work until the next version fixes it, do one of the following:

Replace the file: your-GD-installation-directory\JsPlatform\Runtime\Extensions\TextEntryObject\textentryruntimeobject.js with this one:
textentryruntimeobject.js (1.92 KB)

Or edit the file: GD-installation-directory\JsPlatform\Runtime\Extensions\TextEntryObject\textentryruntimeobject.js and add these lines at the end:

gdjs.TextEntryRuntimeObject.prototype.setLayer = function(layer) {
// No renderable object

gdjs.TextEntryRuntimeObject.prototype.setZOrder = function(z) {
// No renderable object