Text Entry not displaying

The Text Entry won’t display in the Text box. I put raw text in the Text box, and it works. Whenever I do the memory of the Text Entry it does not display. It started happening when I messed around with P2P, but it had nothing to do with changing the memory of the Text Entry.


you need to set a global variable to the text you want to show and put that unto your entry string

It is still not working.

Did you type anything in your global variable? It shows text added to global variable

No I did not type anything.

I will need it to backspace…

I guess I could do a workaround it. But it is still weird how it suddenly does not work.

Idk then bro, someone will help you out I guess

Okay. Thanks for trying though.

Nothing in your screenshot shows you creating an “Entry” object. Do you have a text entry object in your scene? Just having the entry object created in the object list will not work.

(also, Unless you really need to see the words “always” in a condition box, don’t use the “Always” condition. It’s a legacy condition that literally doesn’t do anything other than visually display the word “always” and bloat your source code and export size. Leaving a condition box empty is what actually triggers “always”)

I do have a text entry object in the scene. Okay, I won’t use “always”.

Is your Text Entry object actually named “Entry”? Otherwise “Entry.String()” wont work and it should be “YourTextEntryObjectNameHere.String()”

Edit: also make sure you only have one text entry object with that name on the scene. You cannot have multiple at the same time be targeted by expressions.

Do you have any other events that deal with ClientIDentry as well? They could be overwriting your text box.

My text entry is called Entry. The only other events are just for reading the Entry.