Text Masking doesn't work

Hi, I’m making a leaderboard for my game. I followed the gdevelop example. Text masking extension is not working for me. I used the same action and copied the same text masking extension from example. But for me, both the text and the mask is not showing for me. please help

Could you please screenshot your events and scene layout?

Text object masking seems to work fine for me. Please note that there is no “Text masking extension”. There is a sprite masking extension. You would need to edit that extension in order to mask text objects, but it works fine.

Here’s an example: https://game-previews.gdevelop-app.com/1629119528312-120760/index.html

Text object is in the center, if you move your mouse over it it’ll appear.

Here’s the scene setup:

Here’s the events:

Here’s the masking in action:

That’s not how the mask works. The mask will not be displayed, so you need to make it a separate sprite than the background, and the section that should be displayed should be red.


Thanks. Mask not being red was the problem.

The mask doesn’t have to be red. Just needs to be any solid color. In my example it is orange, but I have also used black and white.

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