Text not changing colors with Cocos2DJS

Hi there,

In my turret defense type game (kalel.itch.io/turret-defense-ty … sword=test), I use text with changing colors to signalize start, normal and fast speed (bottom left corner). With standard export (export to website), it works well. It also works in preview. But when I export with Cocos2DJS (which I’m using as it will allow android compilation), suddenly the text doesn’t change colors anymore on action, even though the events do activate. Initial text colors from the scene editor do apply, it’s just that the colors don’t change on action.

These are the actions used:

It might also be a fault with the actions/conditions, but if so, it also shouldn’t work on preview and standard export, which it does.

It might be worth testing further later to make sure it’s not somehow related to itch.io, and/or if it also doesn’t work once compiled for android.