Text Object Issues

I’ve been using this program A LOT since I discovered it 3 days ago, and have run into my 1st issue. Text objects are not performing properly anymore. When I add a text object to the screen it renders so small I can hardly see it. And, when I scale it larger it still does not display anything. Doesn’t matter how I configure the text in edit (size/font/color) or what method I use to add the text to the screen, nothing has resolved this. I have reinstalled the program 3 times, updated drivers, played with layers, to no avail. I am currently using my backup “laptop” a convertible tablet with win10, intel on-board graphics, 4gb, 1.33ghz.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Remove GDIDE.exe.Manifest from the GDevelop’s folder. The software will not look well but the text object editor will work again.


Sincere thanks to you!


I’m not going to open a new topic for this, but in the latest release (4092) this happens if I try to modify the text of an already placed object and if I place a new text the loading stops at 80%.

edit: i forgot how to use mybb forums lmao, heres what happens http://imgur.com/cPj8KYg