Text to speech in GDevelop?

Can we have have text to speech in GDevelop?

Hi. Just curious, which language of reading would you use? English? Sth else?

I would prefer English since i want to make educational applications for kids.

I support the idea, but until we can have something official, here’s an “extension” for HTML 5:

Unfortunately, it won’t work on native apps if that’s what you’re looking for.

I actually got your text to speech extension to work! Thanks for your super quick response to my request. I hope you are able to get GDevelop to work with Mac El Capitan.

Ah, good to know! :slight_smile:

There’s a voice recognition option in HTML 5 too, we (any helpful forum members if any issues occur) may (or may not) be to get this to work in Gdevelop also, if you’re interested. It’s a bit different as it would need to store the output in a scene variable string or something like that, and would require user permissions. I don’t know if it would have some incompatibility with Gdevelop canvas rendering.

Hi. How can I put speak to my new scene? Next to this scene for example. Because if I add a new scene, the speak is not working like the first scene :(( please help me with my project. Thanks

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